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Search Engines/ Databases

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Cusi logo CUSI Web Searcher
People/Organisation Searcher.
Excite Netsearch
Scoot Business Directory (UK).

On-line Newspapers / News Services

Times Newspapers
Daily/Sunday Telegraph
The Guardian
BBC News
El Pais Digital (In Spanish/ En español)
Le Monde - édition électronique (In French/ En français)
DIE WELT online (in German / auf Deutsch)
The Onion. For those who like their news more accurate than the Sport and only slightly less accurate than the Sun!

Assorted Goodies

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by Systran
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Babelfish automatic translator!. Type or paste text to be translated into the box on the left, or to see this page in faultless franglais, cliquez ici. C'est la meilleure chose depuis le pain coupé en tranches! (Also does Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German)

Railtrack journey planner (UK and Ireland).
Web Museum
Matt's Script Archive.
Cornish Language on the Web
MIT Media logoElectronic Postcards Send one to your friends! Amazing! (well, fairly amazing)

Space & Astronomy Links

Nine Planets logoThe Nine Planets.An armchair tour of the Solar System
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Information on current exploration of the Solar System.
Mars Pathfinder Page
Views of the Solar System. Comprehensive information about the whole Solar System from the sun to the Oort Cloud. Tambien en español. Tambem en portugués. En français aussi. Auch auf Deutsch.
Planet Finder from Light and Matter

Other Web projects

These are Websites/pages which I have worked on for other people which aren't necessarily related to my interests. They are also not updated so they are likely to be of historical interest only:

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